7 thoughts on “Facebook for researchers

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  3. Hi-I want to do some qualitative research about diabetes based on the content of a lot of views which have already been posted in a closed Facebook group I belong to. Obviously it’s unethical to use the discussion board from the group-can you suggest any methods to generate similarly rich views? Would you suggest I open a separate closed Facebook page and ask people to join and discuss confidentially? What literature have you come across that you’d recommend on using Facebook groups for research purposes? Thanks!

  4. In my experience, facebook groups, are a great way to disseminate our own posts

    They are a great way to find other people with our same interests, and this allows to learn a lot!

    Thanks for all the links you are sharing

    Be well!

  5. Great article and follow up links too in the comments. I’ve just set up a research page for my market research, and I’ve written an ethics protocol along with consent and information forms and per-registered with osf; a home-based biz without an IRB

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