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Sruti Das Choudhury | This post was originally published September 29, 2012

wolfson_research_exchangeThe Wolfson Research Exchange, which is situated on the third floor of the main library, is a dedicated space for facilitating Warwick research life with lots of well-thought out opportunities and activities. It provides you with  seminar rooms for your collaborative research. Every seminar room is well furnished with inspirational audio-video equipment, smart boards, etc., which surely you would be tempted to book for working with peers.

Besides the seminar room booking facility, Wolfson Research Exchange organises various events throughout the academic year, e.g., Welcome event, speed networking, Christmas gathering, live-music Rex-Fest winter, Euro-Football themed event, world food picnic and many more so that you do not feel isolated in your research life. It has a dedicated group of research exchange ambassadors from different departments for planning, organising and advertising these events to make them a grand success!

The support services offered by research exchange remain incomplete if I do not talk about research match and PhD life blogging facility. Please don’t delay to create your research match profile after joining as a Warwick research student. This will make you known to numerous research students of the University and you can also find your research soul mate to generate a brilliant idea together! It enhances you collaborative research opportunity, undoubtedly.

I am thankful to PhD life blogging facility which provides us with the opportunity for sharing personal experiences, thoughts and ideas  in a broad, informal domain.. So dear friends! Let’s enjoy blogging – as it breaks down distance; helps to continue the personal gossip, even with someone you haven’t met yet.

Finally, I should gratefully mention about Wolfson Special Interest Group which is a new initiative to provide you an opportunity to work with a prestigious team of academics from Warwick, forming collaborative, interdisciplinary links. Each group is made up of researchers from various disciplines and is facilitated  by an academic sponsor.

Wolfson Research Exchange is the most lovely and friendly place of Warwick as I have found; the specialty of it is that it loves to help you and is absolutely free of cost! The only thing that you need to do is to come forward and be a part of this community to make a significant difference to your research life.

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