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Many of us have experienced the most awkward moments on this PhD journey. Here are a few of mine and friends’. Do share yours in comments.

1. That awkward moment when you are asked “what year are you” and you respond “second year” without further explication, knowing full well they think you’re an undergraduate

2. That awkward moment when you’re writing and you correct a typo only to discover it was originally correct, and you just committed the typo

3. That awkward moment when you are asked what you do for a living by a 3 year old

4. That awkward moment you are asked about your research at this cool party you wanted to use as an escape haven

5. That awkward moment you ask for a student discount at the city centre, and the shop attendant asks for your ID card because your mustache does not agree with the request

6. That awkward moment when your best friend calls and she starts the conversation with “I know you’re in the library, don’t talk, I’ll do the talking…”

7. That awkward moment when someone drops a gigantic word in the room and you’re asked to define it because…oh well, you are meant to be a smart alec

8. That awkward moment when you are asked the dreaded question in a very casual conversation, “so what do you plan to do after the PhD?”

9. That awkward moment when someone looks you over, clutching 5 heavy-duty books, and says, “you should be done by now – when are you graduating?”

10. That awkward moment when a distant “aunty” (no blood ties) says to you over the phone, “you are almost done… when is the wedding?”


That awkward moment you are talking to your computer and your housemate observes you silently from the back of the room, then gently asks “should I call the ambulance?” 

Photo: Paul Towsend/CreativeCommons

Please “share” and COMMENT – what’s been your awkward moment ?