Tips – What Comes After an Erasmus Offer?

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The process of application to a university, especially if that university is abroad, is never easy. What follows is a concise guide to help you through the process and give you advice.

Apply for (Warwick) accommodation 

After you have been made an offer to be an Erasmus student, you will receive lots of emails from the University. One of the first emails you will get, is the one to apply for the accommodation. Depending on if you will be staying for 3-6 months or 9 months, you will be entitled to ‘on-campus’ or ‘off-campus’ accommodation. If ‘on-campus’, when applying, you can choose between 5 of the several Hall of Residences. Otherwise, the choice will be one of the houses in Coventry, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.

Do not worry if you don’t get an answer straight after the application, the offer usually arrives at the beginning of September. A piece of advice: do not reject the accommodation offer, otherwise you will have to find a place to stay yourself.

More information about accommodation @ Warwick here.

Comb your school website & decide on modules

Soon you will be asked to express a preference on the modules you would like to take (learning agreement). This doesn’t mean that you are stuck with them, but it will make the process easier as some of the modules have a limited number of places available, some of them have ‘entry requirements’, and so on. The University advices to take no more than four full modules, it is also possible to take three full modules and carry out research for the dissertation. Erasmus students are also required to take at least a module in their home department (for example: if you are Italian, you will be asked to choose one of the several modules offered by the Italian department). You should also bear in mind that the British university system might be different from what obtains in your home country. In any case, if you are Undergraduate or Postgraduate in your home University, you will be taking modules at  Undergraduate Level.

Top tip: Check the school website for who the Erasmus Coordinator of your department is. It might be useful in case you need more specific information. Here is more information about modules and departments @ Warwick.

Apply for the Orientation Programme 

You will be asked if you want to attend the Orientation Programme before the beginning of the Term.  The Orientation is organized by the International Office in partnership with the Student Union and will help you to familiarise with the Campus and to meet other Erasmus/International students. This was what Orientation 2014 was like!


This is an online process that will allow you to become a Warwick student. You will be asked to fill in a form and upload a picture of you that will appear on your student ID.

This process will be completed when you will collect the student ID, once on campus, from the reception in the Rootes Building.

For more information about enrolment, click here.

Paying Fees

As an Erasmus student, you will not pay the tuition fees, but the accommodation fees only.

More information on the payment methods here.

English classes for Erasmus students

If you need help to improve your English, English language classes are available from the Centre for Applied Linguistics . Information on classes here.

Get to know the campus

The campus is like a village, know where you can find a supermarket, a bookshop, restaurants, a pub, banks, a cinema and so on. Read this interesting article on Get to Know Campus.


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