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I hope I didn’t sound too downbeat last time I wrote, although to be fair, it had been a fairly troublesome few weeks.  Health-wise, not a great deal has changed since then, and I continue to battle with drugs that I don’t like and symptoms that impinge FAR TOO MUCH on my million-miles-an-hour existence.  More tests and appointments coming, but for now I’m enjoying my many reasons to be cheerful.

Firstly, I’m a little embarrassed about my entry on the subject of poster design and experiences of competitions, as I won the Postgraduate Competition this time around, for the Social Sciences faculty.  It seems my cunning plan, which involved designing a poster with absolutely no silly or incongruous pictures, was the right approach.  Hmmm…not sure I can do that more than once in this lifetime, but hey, I was proud and a bit amazed.  Mostly because I rarely produce anything sensible.

Secondly, I have finished all my teaching and marking.  Enough said.  But I will blog about the many things I have learned, in due course.

Thirdly, I had a paper accepted for a midwifery conference – and the paper is on liminal space, one of my favourite subjects.

And fourthly – because I’ve saved the best for last – I have a job.  And it starts on the day after my PhD david dfunding ends.  I found out about that on the same day as the poster competition.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am prone to crying when I’m happy or sad.  Or frustrated, or proud, or just generally emotional.  So can you imagine my drive back from Warwick that day?  Yes, indeed, I did cry all the way home.  The job involves covering for maternity leave for several months, and will hopefully fit in with the next thing in my sights (can’t talk about that, it might tempt fate!), plus it’s working on some research that’s already up and running, and it’s in the NHS (welcome home, me).

So, while some things in my life are a little difficult at the moment, I still have plenty of blessings to count.  And talking of counting, it seems I don’t have to submit the thesis until the end of December after all, so I’m stopping the countdown and just writing some words for now.  And if I start counting again, it means I’m feeling better.  I’m properly looking forward to that day…

Oh, and one last reason to be cheerful – as I write, England haven’t started their match against France yet.  So for now, I can imagine we might play well…  Come on, then, England, give me one more reason to smile!

This post was originally published in 2012 by Bernie D. 

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One thought on “Reasons to be Cheerful | Bernie

  1. Firstly, congrats!
    Secondly, I know and I can well understand your situation. I think sometimes, all we need is a little escape to remind ourselves that “ME” time is really important. I actually restore myself when I am alone. I had been working 24×7 since past some weeks but now I am taking out a little time to relax and unwind my mind by reading some books. Books are my escape.
    Wish you luck!:)

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