Hello everyone,

My name is Ana and I am the new editor of PhD Life blog.

In July, our previous editor Tomi graduated (congratulations, Dr Tomi, and best of luck with your future projects!), leaving Warwick University. She’s been doing a great job as an editor in the past three years and I’ll do my best to continue her work.

I’m a current PhD student at Centre for Applied Linguistics, interested in widening participation and community engagement, proficient in coffee drinking, talking too much/fast (hmmm, the two might be related?) and falling behind with my reading.

It is no secret that doing a PhD is not an easy business, it can be messy, confusing and there are new challenges around every corner. However, I’ve found that the academia is also full of wonderful people willing to share their experience and offer advice to new researchers.


My PhD mess

I would like this blog to be an interactive and friendly community, providing peer-support to its readers and contributors. Throughout the years, we all have ups and downs and, sometimes even without noticing, we pick up a lot of skills and valuable experience on how to manage the PhD process.

Why not share this and each other make the most out of PhD?

PhD Life welcomes posts from Warwick-based but also researchers from all over the world – tell us about your research, conferences you’ve been to, challenges you’ve overcome…

How do you manage your reading, writing, supervision? Do you have any hobbies or side-projects you’re proud of? A recipe for killer muffins that get you through a writing day?

We’re all ears (well, WordPress template).

Get in touch via researchexchange@warwick.ac.uk, @ResearchExchange or comments section about your contributions, topics you’d like to read about or any suggestions you have.

Until next post, enjoy your PhD Life! 🙂