Munch before you Crunch

Struggling to concentrate? Need a motivator to boost your brain power for your research? Eating well has a positive effect on your body physically and mentally! Our memory skills and concentration is dependent on the rate of how our brain cells make new connections! A chemical called acetylcholine is key to keep our brain cells up and running!

Wholemeal bread

Whether that is pasta, cereal, rice or bread – it is good for you! How? Studies have shown that besides lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes type 2, stroke, asthma, colorectal cancer, consuming whole meal food helps the brain to function in a stable manner. They contain complex carbohydrates in which the brain uses the sugary compound called glucose to release energy slowly. This in turn will enhance better concentration and mental performance. In other words, by increasing cardiovascular health, it will also have a positive impact on your brain.

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What is small, round, sweet, juicy and blue? Blue berries, that is right! They contain several compounds that also boost memory and brain power. Amongst these are polyphenolic compounds such as anthocyanins that gives blueberries its colour and has been reported to increase neuronal signaling in the brain, protect the brain from oxidative stress and enhance cognitive function. This in turn increases memory. Another study has reported that it improves learning capacity and motor skills.


Whether steamed, stir-fry or roasted, this green, cruciferous vegetable has a high content of anti-oxidants and fibre and Vitamin K and studies have shown it increases in brain cognition. Another study has been reported that Vitamin K aids in sphingolipids synthesis that plays a role in cell-to-cell interactions and there is a high level of sphingolipids in the brain cell membranes.

There are so many vegetables, fruits and food that help with your concentration and memory! In my next article, I will talk about tomato, pumpkin seeds and black currant! Until then, I hope you found the information useful! 🙂

And what are your favourite snacks to boost the research and writing? How do you keep healthy during your PhD studies? 🙂

Hafsa Abbas is currently undertaking her PhD in Cancer/Oncology. She enjoys spending time with her family, doing charity work, writing, art and travel.


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