2 thoughts on “On serious academics

  1. Hi Ana, I agree with most of your points. However, I remember the first time I saw the ‘Stylish Academic’ Instagram account, I thought something was seriously wrong with the academic world. No I just think it is simply very different to what it used to be when I first entered University. So I understand how weird all this social media buzz (especially the very superficial stuff which you usually find on instagram) can be for senior academics.

  2. Hi,

    I can imagine how you’ve felt… I remember sitting in my supervisor’s offic after my first ‘big’ UK conference, complaining about a colleague in my talk who tweeted about the issues with my work, rather than raising these in the Q&A or afterwards in person….
    I find it interesting that this came from a PhD student, who are all exposed to these practices early on. Another comment also reminded me of your research on impact studies – one of the response pieces said sarcastically – will my employers care only about likes and shares…. 🙂

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