Support for Warwick PG Research Students

Stuck at home trying to be productive? Missing the company of fellow researchers? Never fear! The Postgraduate Community Engagement Team and other services at the university have a wealth of options to keep you connected with your colleagues. Don’t be a stranger!

Online Research Refresh

Okay, we know sitting at home eating a piece of old toast is not the same as munching on biscuits, donuts, fruits and baked goods while chatting over a good cup of coffee at the library. But here is the next best thing: we invite you to bake something (if you can), brew a cup of coffee or tea and join us online to chat about life, work, and everything in between. Joined by our friendly library PG team, Research Refresh is open to Warwick research students across the university. If you don’t live locally, or if you for some other reason couldn’t come to the library on Thursday mornings before, this is your chance to join us. Check out more information at



Online PG Tips

You PG mentors are here for you. Well, right now you won’t be able to see them in person, but you can still catch up online, every Tuesday afternoon, to get yourself some valuable mentoring time, or just for a lively chat at our online PG Tips sessions. If you have been working at home and need a break to be social, join us online at:



Online Write Here, Write Now 

On Tuesday mornings the library offers Write Here, Write Now, when researchers who are in need of focused time to write find an organised event with coffee breaks. During Write here Write Now you feel less alone, since everyone is writing (or working) on something together, and you can chat with others over a nice cup of coffee or tea. The sessions are happening online. More info at:



Wellbeing Services

Struggling with the uncertainty and the many changes happening around you? Anxious about your productivity, your research, your life? You are not alone in this, many of us are struggling. The university’s Wellbeing Services are still open, but online! Check out the online resources the services are offering:



Warwick Sport Online Classes

Keeping active is not only important for health and fitness reasons: your mental health can benefit greatly from regular exercise. Warwick Sport is offering online classes for both the sporty types, and those who are in need of some sweat and endorphins at this time. The classes are happening live on their Facebook page every day (sometimes twice a day) and range from yoga and pilates to HIIT and circuits. If these are not for you, there are several other resources on the internet, apps offering membership discounts, among others. The Warwick Sport team is very active on social media as well. They have daily Beat the Trainer challenges on their Instagram stories, for example. Check out what the university has to offer:



Doctoral College

Warwick Doctoral College has published information for postgraduate research students in the current scenario. If you’re worried about possible changes to your situation, from funding, hardship, and teaching to extensions, childcare, supervision, and much more, check out their guidelines:


From the PhDLife team, we hope you are all safe and healthy. See you online!

Let us know if you have any ideas to cope while working at home! Tweet us at @ResearchEx, email us at, or leave a comment below.



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