Home from home: Postgraduate Community Engagement Artwork Competition Winners

Recently, the Community Engagement Team at the Library, who look after the postgraduate study spaces of the PG Hub and the Wolfson Research Exchange, ran an art competition to brighten up those spaces and encourage students to reflect on Warwick as their home from home. In today’s blog post, blog editor Ellie looks at some of the entries and speaks to winner Shuzhuo Shi.

By Ellie King.

The Home from Home artwork competition was an opportunity for postgraduate students to get creative, reflect on their time at Warwick, and decorate the postgraduate study spaces: the PG Hub in the Junction building, and the Wolfson Research Exchange within the Library. Here we are showcasing some of our favourite work, including winner Shuzhuo Shi’s four paintings inspired by places around campus and the surrounding area. Shuzhuo is a 1st year PhD student in Sociology, and was inspired by nature at Warwick.

Four paintings. The top left is of some large yellow and white flowers, entitled 'Outside the Window - Home Whitefields.' Top right is of some long grasses and clouds in the background, entitled 'Reeds - Lakeside.' Bottom left is of some cherry blossom trees, entitled 'Cherry Blossom - War Memorial Park.' Bottom right is of a colourful cloud and blue sky, entitled 'Sunset after rain - University Interchange.'
Winner Shuzhuo Shi’s paintings around Warwick campus and the surrounding areas.
Lucy Diwa’s digital manga drawing featuring the Study Happy penguin, Kirby.

We have also included a variety of digital artwork, photography, and poetry in our favourites. Explore them below.

Ivy Zhuo’s images from across the UK.

“What does the theme ‘home from home’ mean to you?”

“As an international student, living and transitioning to a new culture and way of life was never easy, because being far away from our native countries, international students can feel homesick and disconnected from our familiar surroundings. But feelings of inclusion and diversity come with having a supportive and welcoming environment, such as opportunities to engage with different cultures, a student residence or a community of friends, and traditional festivals (Chinese New Year) being celebrated together.”

Millin Behara’s sunset.

“How have you made a home from home at Warwick?”

“I travelled to Warwick with the mindset that this is going to be my new home for the next four years, it’s very important for me to make a life here. Therefore, I was ready to get involved in campus activities and events, such as joining student clubs or organisations because it can provide opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and participate in activities that align with my interests and hobbies. Having a sense of Warwick as my new home can be crucial in helping me to settle in, focus on my studies, and make the most of my academic experience in the UK. In addition, I kept reminding myself to be mindful and pay attention to the subtle but beautiful things happening around the campus every day. This can make me an appreciative person and lead to happiness.

Shreya Singh’s stunning photographs.

Home From Home

A Poem by Divya Makhija.

Lived in a home abroad.

A home with my heart and soul

Would I be able to create this again?

Questioning this to my world as a whole.

Came here with hopes high,

Wondering what to justify,

A home left or a life ahead ?

I cried at night with my pillow wet.

Now I have adjusted here,

With my past home in pinboard pictures, 

and a new one outside my window.

The road ahead is very long,

But I have created my home again..

In my heart and my soul

I carry it on every toll.

The photos on my pinboard say 

There was a happy life away

But now there is a ray of hope,

with the new loved ones I found.

They shine again when I frown,

I decorated every speck of my room 

as if I want to bring my home here.

I want to belong here.

Lived in a home abroad.

Home from Home, a series by Anup Yadav

View from my Room

The decision to uproot my life and move to a foreign land was not an easy one, but this picture holds a special place in my heart. It captures the view I beheld when I first arrived in Warwick on the last day of December 2022.

As I gazed out of my window, I was met with a breath-taking view that immediately put me at ease, despite my lingering jetlag. Though the campus was unusually quiet on my arrival, with most students having gone home for the holidays, I found solace in the peacefulness of my surroundings. This picture reminds me of the stillness and tranquillity that I found amidst the hustle and bustle of starting anew, and it is truly special to me. I lived in a village in India and there were a lot of greenery around me, the campus reminds me of my village.

Tocil Woods and Nature Reserve

This picture is where I like to go on campus when I want to enjoy nature. It shows ducks swimming beautifully in a pool. Watching these cute birds in the pool is fun and relaxing, and they create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Bon Appetit!

Although, I do not consider myself a skilled cook, taking on the challenge of preparing my own meals has been a true test of my abilities. As an individual from India, where we relish and cherish spices, it was a difficult transition to the milder British palette. Nevertheless, I eventually learned how to create a delicious pasta dish that could rival even the best Italian restaurants.

During this journey, my room has become my refuge where I can retreat from the stresses of the world and embrace a sense of familiarity. It is my home away from home, and I am grateful for the comfort that it provides me.

Sculptures on Campus: Laura Ford

I am aware that the University of Warwick is home to a magnificent collection of 25 sculptures, each a work of art. Amongst them, one stands tall and proud near the University interchange bus stop.

Determined to explore the full extent of this inspiring collection, I set out on a challenge to discover each one of these exquisite works of art before my time in Warwick ends. I am proud to say that I have successfully uncovered 10 of these remarkable sculptures and the hunt is still on.

First Snow

The first time one sees snowfall is always truly magical experience. For me, it was two weeks back when I witnessed my first ever snowfall and it was magical. I would wait for the time when winter comes around, to cherish that memory again.

We hope you enjoyed the artwork on the blog and up in the postgraduate study spaces on campus. Let us know which is your favourite by y tweeting us @researchex, by messaging us on Instagram @warwicklibrary, or by emailing us at libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk

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