Life after your PhD and when to start thinking about it

The PhD is the pinnacle. The highest educational qualification you can receive. Beyond then, it’s just professorships, and who wants one of those? But does the PhD being the pinnacle of education mean it’s the pinnacle of your education. Should it even be a pinnacle at all? Not necessarily. In this week’s blog, Ellie discusses… Continue Reading →

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Ticking Time Bomb: Eighteen Months to Go

After a year in industry, blog editor Ellie is back to her PhD and has eighteen months until funding runs out and the thesis needs to be handed in. In this week blog, she shares all her thoughts. By Ellie King

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Am I working hard enough?

Ever worry about how much work you’re putting into your research? About how much progress you’re making? Blogger Ellie King reflects on her experiences with her work-ethic being both her friend and enemy.

Me? A subject expert?

Beyond the thesis submission for a PhD, research can be full of little wins and developments that send you on your way to becoming a subject expert. Hear from blogger Ellie King about the fears and joys of these things happening.

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