You can learn programming: Three more practical tips

In this blog post Greta continues sharing her experience on what helped her to break into data science. Previously, she discussed the psychological side of learning programming, today she gives three practical tips that have helped her to get a job in data science and hone her programming skills.   By Greta Timaite.

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You Can Learn Programming

Being a research student means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. For blogger Greta, this meant taking a leap from a qualitative social sciences-based research to a computational one, and in the process, learning to love programming. In this week’s blog, Greta shares her passion, talking you through how to push yourself in the… Continue Reading →

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Welcome to the new bloggers!

It’s a new term of a new academic year, and so now is a good a time as ever to say hello to the new bloggers and hello again to our continuing bloggers for PhD Life! This week, editor Ellie gives us a tour of the team behind the blog. By Ellie King

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Welcome to the PhD Life blog! This blog is part of the Research Exchange at the University of Warwick. Our hope is to create an online PhD community not only for Warwick students but also for anyone and everyone in this lovely world of ours who identifies with any of the following: pre-PhD, PhD, post-PhD…. Continue Reading →

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