How to Present at Conferences

Presenting at conferences to share our research is part of our life as a PhD student. It is natural to have butterflies in our stomach if it is our first time doing a public presentation. However, even for some experienced speakers, presenting at conferences could bring huge pressure, since anyone could be among our audience,… Continue Reading →

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Life after your PhD and when to start thinking about it

The PhD is the pinnacle. The highest educational qualification you can receive. Beyond then, it’s just professorships, and who wants one of those? But does the PhD being the pinnacle of education mean it’s the pinnacle of your education. Should it even be a pinnacle at all? Not necessarily. In this week’s blog, Ellie discusses… Continue Reading →

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Making friends on your PhD

PhD life has always been understood as a life of solitude. However, it is not necessarily so. Indeed, there is no denying that our research topic could be too specific to be like anyone else’s. Nevertheless, the trajectory of our PhD life bears more resemblances than differences. In this week’s blog, Ivy shares her thoughts… Continue Reading →

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Reflections of a PhD student: Two months in

As November came and went, Warwick alumni Emily reached two months into her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research. See how she is getting on and read her reflections of life after undergraduate study.   By Emily Alger

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So what is the upgrade panel?

‘The upgrade panel’— ‘the most frightening thing’ labelled by some new PhD students. So, what is ‘the upgrade panel’? Is it really something scary? Is there a possibility that someone would fail it? How can I be ready for it? Do I really need nine months to prepare for that? This week, blogger Ivy gives… Continue Reading →

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Welcome to the new bloggers!

It’s a new term of a new academic year, and so now is a good a time as ever to say hello to the new bloggers and hello again to our continuing bloggers for PhD Life! This week, editor Ellie gives us a tour of the team behind the blog. By Ellie King

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Welcome to the PhD Life blog! This blog is part of the Research Exchange at the University of Warwick. Our hope is to create an online PhD community not only for Warwick students but also for anyone and everyone in this lovely world of ours who identifies with any of the following: pre-PhD, PhD, post-PhD…. Continue Reading →

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