The Procrastination Chronicles: Chipping Away at It

When things get too overwhelming, and that mountain you have to climb seems too high, too impossible, it may help to think of your challenges in little pieces, little instalments. In the second part of the Procrastination Chronicles, PhD student Lúcia explores the idea of dealing with burnout and procrastination by “chipping away at it”.

A Short Guide to Productive Procrastination

Some days you need to do Ph.D. work but you don’t feel like doing research, writing your dissertation, or doing anything remotely deemed important. Relatable, right? So what do you do if you still have to do something? Eduarda shares a few tips on how to procrastinate writing and researching and still be somewhat productive with your doctoral studies at the same time.

Power of Procrastination (2)

NEW POST | Arbo Desiree PhDs and the Power of Procrastination Part 2 ‘Procrastination’ is really a wonderful word. It comes from Latin, meaning ‘putting things off for tomorrow’ (pro: forward + cras: tomorrow). It sounds appropriately serious, like a terrible disease. PhDs might indeed want to believe that they cannot help procrastinating, or that… Continue Reading →

The Power of Procrastination

NEW POST | Arbo Desiree PhDs and ‘The Power of Procrastination’ Part 1 It’s that time of year. PhDs are applying for grants and fellowships, running around frantically organising events, marking essays, and coming up with conference papers for those abstracts that looked so brilliant some time ago and now seem like rubbish. The usual…. Continue Reading →

Procrastination and the PhD

  Managing your time as a PhD student can be exhausting. As part of the PhD process students often find themselves swamped with a number of time-consuming tasks. Read Jame’s advice for avoiding that awful PhD procrastination…

How to make your phone an asset

Spend countless hours doom-scrolling when you should be working? Tired of the incessant pinging of inane notifications? This week, blogger Clarissa shares some tips on how to optimise your phone for focus without downloading a single app! By Riss Muller.

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Reflections of a PhD student: Two months in

As November came and went, Warwick alumni Emily reached two months into her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research. See how she is getting on and read her reflections of life after undergraduate study.   By Emily Alger

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Finding your own Productivity

Productivity, the twelve-letter word PhD students the world over find all too familiar. With countless books, apps, social media influencers, and software like Teams promising us “the secret to boosting your productivity!” – and not forgetting having a thesis to write – it’s not surprising we have productivity on the brain. Virtually all of us… Continue Reading →

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