How to make your phone an asset

Spend countless hours doom-scrolling when you should be working? Tired of the incessant pinging of inane notifications? This week, blogger Clarissa shares some tips on how to optimise your phone for focus without downloading a single app! By Riss Muller.

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Welcome to the new bloggers!

It’s a new term of a new academic year, and so now is a good a time as ever to say hello to the new bloggers and hello again to our continuing bloggers for PhD Life! This week, editor Ellie gives us a tour of the team behind the blog. By Ellie King

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Too many tabs open: Doing a PhD with ADHD

Imagine you’re cycling through 50 browser tabs at once, 2 of them are playing different TedTalks from YouTube at full volume and another is stuck in a 5-second loop of that song you heard the other day – oh, and you can’t close any of them. Now imagine, saturated in all that noise, you have… Continue Reading →

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Let’s talk about uncertainty

PhD study can be fraught with uncertainty and overwhelm but learning to tolerate and build resistance to uncertainty might not be as out of reach as you think. In this blog, Clarissa talks about encountering and managing uncertainty as a PGR.   By Riss Muller.

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Summer at Warwick: The Ultimate Guide

Planning on staying in Coventry or Warwickshire over the summer and not sure how to make the most of the summer months? This week, blogger Clarissa shares some of what’s on offer. By Riss Muller.

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Finding your own Productivity

Productivity, the twelve-letter word PhD students the world over find all too familiar. With countless books, apps, social media influencers, and software like Teams promising us “the secret to boosting your productivity!” – and not forgetting having a thesis to write – it’s not surprising we have productivity on the brain. Virtually all of us… Continue Reading →


Welcome to the PhD Life blog! This blog is part of the Research Exchange at the University of Warwick. Our hope is to create an online PhD community not only for Warwick students but also for anyone and everyone in this lovely world of ours who identifies with any of the following: pre-PhD, PhD, post-PhD…. Continue Reading →

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