Time Management Strategies

Time-management is one of those skills everyone needs to develop at some point in their life. For the PhD student and their countless responsibilities, this skill is particularly important. Ceren has some quick and easy tips to help you manage your time more efficiently... Time-management is a vital skill, one that will be necessary in... Continue Reading →

The inevitable awkward question

Thomas Bray | This post was originally published August 29, 2012 I recently attended a large-scale family affair, my first since embarking on my PhD. It was an amiable affair, all free-flowing wine, witty repartee, and the occasional awkward silence when I was inevitably asked: So Tom, just what are you up to these days? Make... Continue Reading →

A great Support Service: Rex – Sruti

Sruti Das Choudhury | This post was originally published September 29, 2012 The Wolfson Research Exchange, which is situated on the third floor of the main library, is a dedicated space for facilitating Warwick research life with lots of well-thought out opportunities and activities. It provides you with  seminar rooms for your collaborative research. Every seminar room... Continue Reading →

Procrastination and the PhD

  Managing your time as a PhD student can be exhausting. As part of the PhD process students often find themselves swamped with a number of time-consuming tasks. Read Jame's advice for avoiding that awful PhD procrastination... Since the start of this academic year my juggling act has included redrafts on my literature review, a... Continue Reading →

End of transcription…I feel alive again

Salma Patel |This post was originally published January 15, 2013 Despite having planned to transcribe all my research interviews as I was going along, it didn't quite work out that way. This was mainly due to the limited availability of participants and then the lack of them, which meant I re-located mid-way (very happily I... Continue Reading →

Methodology giant must come down

Tomi Ola | This post was originally published on 8 April, 2013 When I was swimming in literature, theories and counter-theories, I longed for the day I would get my head above board and into much calmer waters like the methodology chapter. I was mistaken. Every phase of the PhD is ridden with its own bucket... Continue Reading →

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