How to Respond to Reviewer Comments

As PhD students, you can hear a lot about a key activity of your research: publishing in journals. Writing up your research into succinct pieces that can be read and viewed by the wider academic world is key to building your profile and giving you experience of writing academically long before your thesis is due.... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Organising an Online Conference

Organising events is an art in itself. Because it deals with people and logistics, it means that you have to be flexible, agile, and attentive. It is also very stressful, but incredibly rewarding. Now, organising online events is a different beast altogether. Our blog editor Lúcia reflects on her experience organising a big online conference and what she took away from it.

To Conference Or Not To… There is no question

There is lots of guidance available on publishing academic papers. Sharing your research at conferences, however, is the relative unknown. And this can make the prospect quite daunting. Zakiyya sheds some light on the topic, sharing a few of her experiences and offering tips she has picked up along the way.

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