Work and PhD: Finding the balance

You’re studying, working, trying to reconcile your reading, writing, work meetings, family and social obligations, do your laundry and remember to send all the birthday cards? Welcome aboard...   Many PhD students take up part-time work during their studies. Sometimes it is teaching or research work, to complement their CV, sometimes it is any work... Continue Reading →

My mom is writing a book!

Constantly stressed out, worked out or absent-minded? Zombie at day and owl at night? Welcome to the club of parent/PhD students. Well, that may not describe every day, nor everyone’s experiences… but no matter what challenges you are facing or hardship you are going through as a parent/student, this is to reassure that you are... Continue Reading →

On Zebras and PhD Stress

It's hard not to be stressed while doing your PhD. Try to think of what causes your stress and how you could go about relieving it. If needed, be more like zebras on some occasions... At one of our science outreach events in December I’ve heard about a book titled Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers. The event and... Continue Reading →

PhD Alumni, Your Academic Family

Holidays are time to think of the family and, in the academia, the Alumni are the relatives we often tend to forget. Here is why you should not hesitate to reach out to them… Coping PhD Alumni have been there before; with some of them you might even have a shared office, research field or... Continue Reading →

How I do my PhD | Michael Saker

I'm in the final year of my PhD, having recently upgraded in the summer. I've decided to use this space to briefly offer fellow PhDers some tips on what has helped me along the way. Be open to your project moving in different directions. As clich as it is to quote Bruce Lee so early on and... Continue Reading →

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