Outside, Looking In

Loneliness is a common problem for postgraduates, along with the feeling that you’re not getting the most out of PhD life. It’s easy to feel distanced, especially if you’ve spent some time away from academia. In 2007, I thought university was behind me. I’d started a journalistic career and was teaching at an FE college... Continue Reading →

Effective Researcher Tools – Joelin’s List

I have been obsessing lately with various software programmes that may (or may not) aid the PhD process and increase my productivity. This is the inevitable outcome of a slight mid-thesis crisis which includes a mild panic concerning my submission date's sudden appearance on the horizon. It is far away still, but becoming increasingly noticeable.... Continue Reading →

Power of Procrastination (2)

NEW POST | Arbo Desiree PhDs and the Power of Procrastination Part 2 ‘Procrastination’ is really a wonderful word. It comes from Latin, meaning ‘putting things off for tomorrow’ (pro: forward + cras: tomorrow). It sounds appropriately serious, like a terrible disease. PhDs might indeed want to believe that they cannot help procrastinating, or that... Continue Reading →

The Power of Procrastination

NEW POST | Arbo Desiree PhDs and ‘The Power of Procrastination’ Part 1 It’s that time of year. PhDs are applying for grants and fellowships, running around frantically organising events, marking essays, and coming up with conference papers for those abstracts that looked so brilliant some time ago and now seem like rubbish. The usual.... Continue Reading →

Living A healthy PhD Life

Personal health and wellbeing can be easily overlooked when you're a PhD student, especially in your final years. U. Ejiro Omomake talks about living the healthiest life you can during your PhD journey... Wellness is a Process Another long week has come to an end. Your days have been filled with hours chained to the... Continue Reading →

Part-time PhD & Study Balance

Helen Palmer Film & TV Studies Department. I’m a part-time PhD Researcher as I’m a Co-Director of a marketing consultancy, Palmer Squared, with my twin brother Andrew. We specialise in the arts, heritage and cultural tourism sectors and most of my spare time (!) is spent going to the theatre, cinema, art galleries, museums, festivals... Continue Reading →

Doing research never goes to plan

Joelin Quigley-Berg | This post was originally published September 5, 2012 It is a well-known fact that your finished PhD thesis often share little resemblance with your original PhD proposal. Despite this, however, I often seem to suffer a minor freak-out every time my research does not go quite to plan. I am currently digging for... Continue Reading →

Time Management Strategies

Time-management is one of those skills everyone needs to develop at some point in their life. For the PhD student and their countless responsibilities, this skill is particularly important. Ceren has some quick and easy tips to help you manage your time more efficiently... Time-management is a vital skill, one that will be necessary in... Continue Reading →

Procrastination and the PhD

  Managing your time as a PhD student can be exhausting. As part of the PhD process students often find themselves swamped with a number of time-consuming tasks. Read Jame's advice for avoiding that awful PhD procrastination... Since the start of this academic year my juggling act has included redrafts on my literature review, a... Continue Reading →

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