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10 tips towards PhD thesis submission

The last few miles are sometimes the hardest part of the journey. In our new post, Salma shares her tips on acing the PhD thesis submission... I recently submitted my full draft thesis to my three supervisors to check. Prior to... Continue Reading →

The Professor is In at Warwick

Curious about US job market and application process? So were we. Here's our recap and thoughts on Karen Kelsky's talk at Warwick. It was Karen Kelsky’s blog that taught me how to write conference abstracts (among many other things), so... Continue Reading →

How to Improve your CV while on your PhD

Remember Furaha's post on acquiring work experience as a PhD student? It is hard to prevent yourself from being immersed in your PhD, but Furaha offers some ideas on how to improve your professional prospects.   One year ago I... Continue Reading →

Hang on a minute…

It probably still feels like you've just started, but the students records are indifferent to your uncertainties - somehow, the number 3 is persistently shown. Sherry shares her experience of starting the Third Year of PhD...  On this third day of academic... Continue Reading →

A Letter to First-Year-Self – Züleyha

Every PhD is a journey and sometimes it is nice to take a moment to look back and see how far we have gone. Read the letter Züleyha wrote to First-Year-Self and let us know if you would like to share... Continue Reading →

The ‘back-up plan’ – Lauren

No, not the terrible Jennifer Lopez vehicle... ...although, knowing my thesis, that could be relevant too! No, I'm talking about my fallback, my Plan B, my alternative career choice. Yikes! It's a sad fact of what news-bods like to call... Continue Reading →

From proposal to print

So, you have approached a publisher and your proposal has been accepted. What next? In this guide Georgina Collins provides information on the academic publication process for early career researchers who have a book contract. Agreeing on a contract Once... Continue Reading →

Approaching a publisher

So, you’ve decided to develop your thesis for publication. What’s the next step? In this guide Georgina Collins provides advice for early career researchers writing a publication proposal to publish their thesis as a monograph. Choosing a publisher When approaching... Continue Reading →

Getting your thesis published

Wondering how to go about getting your thesis published? In this guide Georgina Collins provides information for early career researchers on the process of converting your thesis into a published book. From PhD to publication Following the PhD, if you... Continue Reading →

Print the document! – Anna Sloan

Anna Sloan | This post was originally published July 9, 2012 Well folks, after 6 weeks sitting at home obsessing over it, I can now finally announce that the Document Formerly Known as My Thesis (I've started hating this word... Continue Reading →

Women in Academia: The debate lives on…

The elephant in the room, sexism in (academic) careers, has once again surfaced in the domain of public conversations. Today, The Daily Mail published an article titled, 'End the 'stigma' of part-time work for men: Academic attacks culture that means... Continue Reading →

Guide to Employability: Step 3. The 10 Commandments of the Academic in the Making

Ioanna Iordanou This post was originally published March 15, 2013 Ioanna Iordanou is a Job-Search Adviser and Postgraduate Researcher Enterprise Skills Tutor at the University of Warwick. She also works as a Postdoctoral Researcher for Warwick Business School. She tweets... Continue Reading →

Guide of employability. Step 2. Identify your strengths and talents

Ioanna Iordanou is a Job-Search Adviser and Postgraduate Researcher Enterprise Skills Tutor at the University of Warwick. She also works as a Postdoctoral Researcher for WBS. She tweets (@IoannaIordanou) and blogs (Ioanna's Employ-Ability Blog). This post was originally published January 14,... Continue Reading →

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