Be SMART: Setting Realistic Goals

Doing a PhD can be all about setting goals and staying on track. But how do we know if they're realistic or achievable? This week, blogger Sola gives her top tips. By Sola Browne. As a PhD student it’s really important to be organised and part of that is setting achievable goals. Key ingredients for... Continue Reading →

Presenting Interdisciplinary Research

With any PhD, presenting is a daunting prospect for many, but add an interdisciplinary project into the mix and the idea gets a lot more stressful. Blogger Rupika details her experiences and advice below. Learning to present is a skill I would greatly encourage all PhD students to learn very early on, but even more... Continue Reading →

The 24-Hour Library is BACK!

We have some very exciting news for you… The Library is returning to 24 hour opening! Great news for you night owls and early morning larks! Find out more… By Samantha Platts One of our joys at the Library is granting your wishes, though these usually take the form of book requests rather than pumpkin... Continue Reading →

Throwback Post: Keeping an Annotated Bibliography

As your PhD or research project evolves, so too must your literature review. As Charlotte Mathieson suggests in Writing a literature review, you can make things easier for yourself by keeping an annotated bibliography. Here is Charlotte’s guide to starting and maintaining an annotated bibliography.

Throwback Post: Planning a literature review

As you embark on your PhD, or indeed any research undertaking, you will need to produce a literature review. Not sure exactly what a literature review is, or why it is necessary? Here Charlotte Mathieson outlines the purpose and scope of the literature review.

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