First Term Done

As we make our way through January and well into term two, first year PhD student and blogger Rupika reflects on her journey so far. By Rupika Gulati My first term is already finished, and I am into my second term, but I am not even sure where the time has gone. Reflecting on last... Continue Reading →

An Experience of Temporary Withdrawal

Studying a PhD offers many fantastic opportunities for research and networking. But it’s a long journey and life beyond research can require one to take a break from study, whether for work or health reasons. In this blog post, Giles Penman talks about his recent experience of temporary withdrawal. Life as a PhD student is... Continue Reading →

The Age Conundrum

By Rupika Gulati There are many reasons to do your PhD. You’re contributing to a new area of research, answering an age-old question or just simply you want to develop yourself and research skills further. It’s an exciting time in your life, conducting new research and doing what you really want to do. However, one... Continue Reading →

Managing Health Conditions During your PhD

As research students, our work in libraries and laboratories is intellectually difficult whatever your subject. Having a medical condition or disability can make completing researching even more challenging. However, support and guidance are readily available at Warwick. Giles Penman explains how the University has helped him survive and thrive as a PhD student with medical... Continue Reading →

Pandemic and PhD #3: Love and Lockdown

The COVID pandemic has been very challenging for everyone in many ways. As doctoral students whose work keeps us relatively isolated in libraries and labs anyway, we have faced extra isolation and problems of access to research materials. But, as the UK moves out of lockdown restrictions, in a series of blog posts, Giles Penman... Continue Reading →

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