How to Respond to Reviewer Comments

As PhD students, you can hear a lot about a key activity of your research: publishing in journals. Writing up your research into succinct pieces that can be read and viewed by the wider academic world is key to building your profile and giving you experience of writing academically long before your thesis is due.... Continue Reading →

First Term Done

As we make our way through January and well into term two, first year PhD student and blogger Rupika reflects on her journey so far. By Rupika Gulati My first term is already finished, and I am into my second term, but I am not even sure where the time has gone. Reflecting on last... Continue Reading →

The 24-Hour Library is BACK!

We have some very exciting news for you… The Library is returning to 24 hour opening! Great news for you night owls and early morning larks! Find out more… By Samantha Platts One of our joys at the Library is granting your wishes, though these usually take the form of book requests rather than pumpkin... Continue Reading →

An Experience of Temporary Withdrawal

Studying a PhD offers many fantastic opportunities for research and networking. But it’s a long journey and life beyond research can require one to take a break from study, whether for work or health reasons. In this blog post, Giles Penman talks about his recent experience of temporary withdrawal. Life as a PhD student is... Continue Reading →

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