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Welcome to the PhDLife Blog, a place to share experiences and advice with researchers across the University of Warwick and beyond. Posts are published every Wednesday and cover a range of topics from the basics of doing a PhD to wellbeing tips and trying new hobbies.

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Life after your PhD and when to start thinking about it

The PhD is the pinnacle. The highest educational qualification you can receive. Beyond then, it’s just professorships, and who wants one of those? But does the PhD being the pinnacle of education mean it’s the pinnacle of your education. Should it even be a pinnacle at all? Not necessarily. In this week’s blog, Ellie discusses…

Five of Warwick’s hidden gems

As we return to campus for term two, you may find that Warwick has so much to offer which you might not have discovered yet. Emily shares her five favourite hidden gems of Warwick you may not have heard about before and why they should be a must on your Warwick to-do list! By Emily…

Making friends on your PhD

PhD life has always been understood as a life of solitude. However, it is not necessarily so. Indeed, there is no denying that our research topic could be too specific to be like anyone else’s. Nevertheless, the trajectory of our PhD life bears more resemblances than differences. In this week’s blog, Ivy shares her thoughts…


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