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Welcome to the PhDLife Blog, a place to share experiences and advice with researchers across the University of Warwick and beyond. Posts are published every Wednesday and cover a range of topics from the basics of doing a PhD to wellbeing tips and trying new hobbies.

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Things I learned doing a year in industry

Since November 2021, I have been doing a maternity cover placement at my research partner: Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It’s been a year of learning, excitement, successes, and reflection. As I now come to the end and get ready to re-enrol as a student here at Warwick, I wanted to take a minute… Continue Reading →

No Two PhDs are the Same

Unlike starting an Undergraduate or a Master’s course, starting a PhD can be very lonely because, well, you’re the only person doing your research. There’s no standard reading list, no organised seminars or lectures, and no official course mates who you can sympathise with when you don’t understand a topic. Put simply, no two PhDs… Continue Reading →

Prepping for your PhD

Are you starting your PhD this term? If so, you’re right in probably wanting to prep things and get yourself ready for your research. But what can you do that is most useful and effective? In this week’s blog, Ellie explores some of the tasks that will prepare you for your PhD in the best… Continue Reading →


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