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PhD upgrade: A survival guide

At this time of academic year, many doctoral researchers in their first year of study are preparing for upgrade review. As a second year PhD student (one that survived the upgrade process!) Sophie has provided some tips to help you... Continue Reading →

Nice to meet you!

Your PhD journey might be exactly what you envisioned, might take you to places you never imagined, or might be a bit of both. This is my story and I am thankful for it as it has led me to... Continue Reading →

#DailyPhD: From Lab to Thesis Writing

In the final stages of their studies, many students replace lab or fieldwork sessions with intense thesis writing at their office desk, library or home. After two weeks of thesis writing, Megan from #DailyPhD shared her experience of this process... As... Continue Reading →

Guide to Building Blog Readership for Researchers

To build and maintain an audience on your blog is not too much hard work, but it takes commitment. Low readership stats can be discouraging to first-time bloggers. It’s easy to feel that you’re shouting into the void and no-one is... Continue Reading →

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