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Post-presentation Blues | Sarah Jane

After presenting at a departmental seminar yesterday, to the recently appointed professor, it was difficult to defend against the post-presentation blues. Luckily enough, with supervisor support, a full blown break down was averted and my optimism restored for now. I... Continue Reading →

Help! I’m drowning in questions |Thomas Bray

Today, I found a letter from my younger self which shook me to my core. Leafing through my laptop's myriad folders, I came across a file entitled PhD questions I have to answer right now! Curious, I opened it up,... Continue Reading →

How to present your research to a non-academic Audience

I presented my research on literary translation and my work as a professional translator to members of Leamington Literary Society. It was a two hour presentation held in the Royal Pump Rooms in May 2011. Leamington Literary Society holds monthly... Continue Reading →

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