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How to Use Social Bookmarks for Research

Social bookmarking sites aid collaboration and allow you to share useful webpages. Social bookmarking: what is it? Social bookmarking sites allow you to access collections of grouped websites from any networked terminal. Social bookmarking is the most efficient way for... Continue Reading →

My Adventures on Tweet-Street – Thomas Bray

I was, until recently, a Twitter virgin. Shameful, I know, but for all my Web 2.0 wisdom, Twitter had long seemed like a strange, foreign land, full of tweets and hashtags, trending and linking. Friends of mine would sometimes travel... Continue Reading →

How to do Interdisciplinary Research

NEW POST PhD students are increasingly expected to be interdisciplinary, but how does this work in practice? This guide offers tips for beginning to collaborate with others. Most PhD projects are, at some level, interdisciplinary. Although every thesis deals with... Continue Reading →

Teaching for those who can’t – Lauren

Ahhh, autumn! The leaves are starting to turn golden and the winds are a-blowing, and for us here at Warwick that can only mean one thing - the start of a shiny new academic year! We are well into it... Continue Reading →

How to create “Head space” for writing

Momentum is so important to the writing of your PhD. There's nothing better than the feeling that you're on a roll, that the ideas are flowing and that this may well be the greatest piece of scholarship ever. But it's all... Continue Reading →

How to draw “To DO” lists as a PhD Student

As a PhD student half way through the hustle and bustle of postgraduate matters, I can tell I have been through a steep learning curve. I have been constantly exploring and shifting my working habits to find a better way... Continue Reading →

Living A healthy PhD Life

GUEST POST from U. Ejiro Onomake  Profile: U. Ejiro O. Onomake is in the last year of her PhD programme based at the University of Sussex's anthropology department. She is also a Sussex Research Hive Scholar. Her research explores Nigerians’ agency... Continue Reading →

Table Tennis and the PhD

NEW POST by Desiree Arbo I am a second year PhD student in the Department of Classics and Ancient History, but co-supervised by History (which means I get to enjoy the perks - as well as extra work - of being in... Continue Reading →

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