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Facts, Stories and Strategies: Women and Academia

Belinda Smaill offers a reflection on gendered dynamics in academia in the hopes that young scholars will not have the same blinders she had on when she began her professional career…     As I write this the fallout around... Continue Reading →

My mom is writing a book!

Constantly stressed out, worked out or absent-minded? Zombie at day and owl at night? Welcome to the club of parent/PhD students. Well, that may not describe every day, nor everyone’s experiences… but no matter what challenges you are facing or... Continue Reading →

Style is not Anti-Intellectual

How do we perceive the relationship between style and intelligence?  Is there space for fashion in academia? Read a thought-provoking piece by @Stylish_Academi... Style is not anti-intellectual. It is actually more cerebral than you think. To have a personal style... Continue Reading →

On Legos, using Scottish pounds in Nepal and gender-unbiased science: Interview with Donna Yates

What’s better then Lego? Lego figurines doing research, of course. PhD Life talked to Dr Donna Yates, an archaeologist based at University of Glasgow, who is the creative mind behind Twitter profile @LegoAcademics. Lego Academics were born in the office.... Continue Reading →

“Women in Academia” series on PhD Life

In March we will be publishing posts from our Women in Academia series.... We are quite excited about March here on PhD Life blog as we will be running "Women in Academia" series of post. Is this really something we... Continue Reading →

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