No Two PhDs are the Same

Unlike starting an Undergraduate or a Master’s course, starting a PhD can be very lonely because, well, you’re the only person doing your research. There’s no standard reading list, no organised seminars or lectures, and no official course mates who you can sympathise with when you don’t understand a topic. Put simply, no two PhDs... Continue Reading →

Prepping for your PhD

Are you starting your PhD this term? If so, you’re right in probably wanting to prep things and get yourself ready for your research. But what can you do that is most useful and effective? In this week’s blog, Ellie explores some of the tasks that will prepare you for your PhD in the best... Continue Reading →

The journey to my PhD

Emily shares her experience, application tips and advice as she starts her postgraduate studies as a PhD student at the Institute of Cancer Research. By Emily Alger A PhD was not something I came into university expecting to be my next step after graduation. However here I am, about to graduate from Warwick and begin... Continue Reading →

Walking the walk or just talking the talk? Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for PGRs

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) is a very current concern in Higher Education. Universities are inherently diverse communities, which have grown massively in recent decades, but under-representation and issues around protected characteristics persist. Relatively understood at Undergraduate level, the understanding of these issues at PGR level still has a long way to go. By Pierre... Continue Reading →

On the Thesis Path: the Darling Buds of May

In this series, blogger Lucia keeps a record of her progress and experience in the months leading up to submission. To read Lucia's post for April, click here. By Lucia Collischonn. "What a year!""But, captain, it's only May" The middle point of the year is fast approaching. This weird month with many flowers, sneezes, a... Continue Reading →

Take a break! (It’s ok.)

All humans need to rest, including PhD students. Why is it so hard to take a break? A while ago, we asked Research Exchange visitors and Twitter followers to share their favourite ways of relaxing after hard PhD work. We had great responses, varying from travelling, playing computer games, watching Netflix, baking, enjoying various food... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about uncertainty

PhD study can be fraught with uncertainty and overwhelm but learning to tolerate and build resistance to uncertainty might not be as out of reach as you think. In this blog, Clarissa talks about encountering and managing uncertainty as a PGR.   By Riss Muller. I think every PhD candidate, past and present, knows just... Continue Reading →

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