The benefits of internships

As PhD students, we are often focused on research and very little else. But taking a step outside of your PhD to look into the world of work may be worth the time. Having just finished an internship, blogger Ellie talks us through her experiences, and why an internship could benefit you too. By Ellie... Continue Reading →

How to Present at Conferences

Presenting at conferences to share our research is part of our life as a PhD student. It is natural to have butterflies in our stomach if it is our first time doing a public presentation. However, even for some experienced speakers, presenting at conferences could bring huge pressure, since anyone could be among our audience,... Continue Reading →

You Can Learn Programming

Being a research student means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. For blogger Greta, this meant taking a leap from a qualitative social sciences-based research to a computational one, and in the process, learning to love programming. In this week’s blog, Greta shares her passion, talking you through how to push yourself in the... Continue Reading →

How to Write an Abstract

If you’re writing a paper for a journal, or presenting your work at a conference, you may be asked to write an abstract. But how do you go about it? Editor Ellie gives you a how to. By Ellie King When reading papers on your area of research, the abstract can be incredibly useful. As... Continue Reading →

Teaching what you (may not) know

Faced with an increasingly competitive academic jobs market, PGRs are often encouraged to teach alongside their research. At Warwick in any given year, several hundred researchers work across all departments of the university teaching lectures and seminars to undergraduate and masters students. Whilst it can be immensely enjoyable and rewarding, it can also be challenging... Continue Reading →

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