Welcome to PhD Life

Welcome to Warwick. Congratulations on starting your research journey, and we wanted to give you a special welcome from the PhD Life blog. This blog is part of Warwick Library and is written and organised by researcher and for researchers. We publish a post every week, on Wednesdays at 2.30pm, providing you with all the... Continue Reading →

Prepping for your PhD

Are you starting your PhD this term? If so, you’re right in probably wanting to prep things and get yourself ready for your research. But what can you do that is most useful and effective? In this week’s blog, Ellie explores some of the tasks that will prepare you for your PhD in the best... Continue Reading →

The journey to my PhD

Emily shares her experience, application tips and advice as she starts her postgraduate studies as a PhD student at the Institute of Cancer Research. By Emily Alger A PhD was not something I came into university expecting to be my next step after graduation. However here I am, about to graduate from Warwick and begin... Continue Reading →

Be SMART: Setting Realistic Goals

Doing a PhD can be all about setting goals and staying on track. But how do we know if they're realistic or achievable? This week, blogger Sola gives her top tips. By Sola Browne. As a PhD student it’s really important to be organised and part of that is setting achievable goals. Key ingredients for... Continue Reading →

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