How to make your phone an asset

Spend countless hours doom-scrolling when you should be working? Tired of the incessant pinging of inane notifications? This week, blogger Clarissa shares some tips on how to optimise your phone for focus without downloading a single app! By Riss Muller. If you’re anything like me, your phone is somewhat of a time drain. It pings,... Continue Reading →

Study Happy at Warwick Library

This week Library staff member Emil gives an overview of the social, wellbeing and skills activities currently happening in the Library, and invites you to develop a positive work-life balance. By Emil Rybczak When the Christmas break is just a memory and you’ve committed to multiple deadlines before Easter, how do you keep on top... Continue Reading →

Five of Warwick’s hidden gems

As we return to campus for term two, you may find that Warwick has so much to offer which you might not have discovered yet. Emily shares her five favourite hidden gems of Warwick you may not have heard about before and why they should be a must on your Warwick to-do list! By Emily... Continue Reading →

Making friends on your PhD

PhD life has always been understood as a life of solitude. However, it is not necessarily so. Indeed, there is no denying that our research topic could be too specific to be like anyone else’s. Nevertheless, the trajectory of our PhD life bears more resemblances than differences. In this week’s blog, Ivy shares her thoughts... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a PhD Student: One Month In

In October, Warwick alumni Emily began her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research, she shares her October reflections and advice here, one month into her studies. By Emily Alger Emily graduated from Warwick this summer. Image: Emily Alger. As I write this, I’m on my first ever conference in Cambridge – first attending a... Continue Reading →

No Two PhDs are the Same

Unlike starting an Undergraduate or a Master’s course, starting a PhD can be very lonely because, well, you’re the only person doing your research. There’s no standard reading list, no organised seminars or lectures, and no official course mates who you can sympathise with when you don’t understand a topic. Put simply, no two PhDs... Continue Reading →

Walking the walk or just talking the talk? Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for PGRs

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) is a very current concern in Higher Education. Universities are inherently diverse communities, which have grown massively in recent decades, but under-representation and issues around protected characteristics persist. Relatively understood at Undergraduate level, the understanding of these issues at PGR level still has a long way to go. By Pierre... Continue Reading →

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