Hello and welcome to the PhD Life Blog!

My name is Ana, I’m the editor of PhD Life blog. We are based at Research Exchange, University of Warwick and aim to bring together researchers’ stories from Warwick, but other universities as well.

If you’re doing a PhD or recently graduated, you have what it takes to become a contributor to this blog – we’d love to hear how you manage your research project, maintain work and life balance, prepare for the upgrade or viva, attend conferences, write your first publications or engage with the public.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing research in cell biology, aeronautical engineering or theatre studies, if you’ve only started or already building a career, if you write a lot or haven’t written a non-academic text since secondary school – it’s your experience that counts and the willingness to share it with other PhD students.

Get in touch via pgcommunity@warwick.ac.uk, @ResearchEx or the comments section about your contributions, topics you would like to read about or any suggestions you have.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your PhD Life!

Happy researching, everyone! 🙂