Take a break! (It’s ok.)

All humans need to rest, including PhD students. Why is it so hard to take a break? A while ago, we asked Research Exchange visitors and Twitter followers to share their favourite ways of relaxing after hard PhD work. We had great responses, varying from travelling, playing computer games, watching Netflix, baking, enjoying various food... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about uncertainty

PhD study can be fraught with uncertainty and overwhelm but learning to tolerate and build resistance to uncertainty might not be as out of reach as you think. In this blog, Clarissa talks about encountering and managing uncertainty as a PGR.   By Riss Muller. I think every PhD candidate, past and present, knows just... Continue Reading →

Summer at Warwick: The Ultimate Guide

Planning on staying in Coventry or Warwickshire over the summer and not sure how to make the most of the summer months? This week, blogger Clarissa shares some of what’s on offer. By Riss Muller. Summer is here and whilst the good weather may not last particularly long in the UK, there’s still plenty to... Continue Reading →

Adding pauses in your PhD

As with anything, the key to a healthy PhD is an effective work-life balance. It is important to take pauses and breaks during your PhD to avoid burnout and so that you can enjoy what you do rather than viewing it as a liability. Manpreet Kaur discusses how she sprinkles breaks in her weeks and months.

Finding your own Productivity

Productivity, the twelve-letter word PhD students the world over find all too familiar. With countless books, apps, social media influencers, and software like Teams promising us “the secret to boosting your productivity!” – and not forgetting having a thesis to write – it’s not surprising we have productivity on the brain. Virtually all of us... Continue Reading →

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