How to Write an Abstract

If you’re writing a paper for a journal, or presenting your work at a conference, you may be asked to write an abstract. But how do you go about it? Editor Ellie gives you a how to. By Ellie King When reading papers on your area of research, the abstract can be incredibly useful. As... Continue Reading →

On the Thesis Path: The Ides of March

In this series, blogger Lucia keeps a record of her progress and experience in the months leading up to submission. Here’s that cliche again: time flies by when you’re having fun! And when twenty four hours are not enough hours in a day and you wish for time to drag itself so that you’ll have... Continue Reading →

Be SMART: Setting Realistic Goals

Doing a PhD can be all about setting goals and staying on track. But how do we know if they're realistic or achievable? This week, blogger Sola gives her top tips. By Sola Browne. As a PhD student it’s really important to be organised and part of that is setting achievable goals. Key ingredients for... Continue Reading →

Adding pauses in your PhD

As with anything, the key to a healthy PhD is an effective work-life balance. It is important to take pauses and breaks during your PhD to avoid burnout and so that you can enjoy what you do rather than viewing it as a liability. Manpreet Kaur discusses how she sprinkles breaks in her weeks and months.

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